New Medical Cost Sharing Plans Will Give Your Patients More Value, And Their Lower Costs Will Bring You 
More Cash Paying Patients

The Top Four Problems of Healthcare &
Why DPC's are Partnering with Us

Problem #1. Poor Support for Primary Care Doctors and Their Patients

Our Solution: Strong Primary Physician Program Improves Patients Global Costs

Problem #2. Lack of Personalized Care  

Our Solution: A Private Personalized Wellness Assessment that Teaches How to Improve One's Health and Avoid Medical Problems

Problem #3. Lost Time Finding and Waiting in Medical Offices

Our Solution: Assistance with After Hours and Weekend Issues Utilizing Free Telemedicine and a Concierge Helper to Shop Drugs, Tests, and Specialists

Problem #4. Lack of Patient Incentives

Our Solution: Comparison Shopping with Help from Concierge on Procedures, Medications, Surgeries, and More...

Bigger than reduced costs, a paradigm shift to empower patients and frees doctors to be innovative.

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